Photos from «Brei Deg!» Girl Geek Dinner

As the only guy I was admitted at an evening where ladies of technology shared their own stories of bravery and skill. Victories mixed with teeth grinding defeats. «Brei Deg!» might be translated to «Stealing the Stage» or «Be a Bully». But not really. To understand «Brei Deg!» in a Scandinavian context I feel you need to spend some considerable quality time here.

I tip toed between little groups of very serious looking ladies in deep discussion to grab a large glass of red wine to steady my nerves. While I filled my glass the call came to get seated. I saw my boss who had invited me to take photos, she was sitting all the way in the front.

Standing up one at the time of the ladies presented themselves. The self presentation round was half way finished before I snook in front of the stage all bent over. I got some surprised glances and felt uncomfortable. Thankfully I was not asked to stand up and present myself. The program started and was supposed to cover a set of questions.


What does it take to become a little tougher on the job? How to make the leap to another job? Or how to start your own business? I start off with the talk of my boss:

How Do You Become The BOSS by Being Your Own Boss?

Benedicte Raae shared experiences of taking leadership of her own day-to-day life both as a founder of Lilly Apps and as a coder of apps for clients.

Benedicte @Raae
Benedicte @Raae

You need to become a personal friend of your developer. Most developers are a lot harder to make friends with than me. Your developer might see every new person as a potential enemy. If you become a friend to your developer, that developer will «have your back» against the «enemies» for years and years. @raae says.

Build a gang of cheer leaders and think about the worst possible thing that might happen if you take leadership.

–Nadia K Tokerud @nakrissimo on @raae’s talk

Engasjert Benedicte

Don´t think «recruit more ladies to IT!» Think «recruit a variety of types of people to IT!»

–Julie R. Andersen ‏@julierandersen on @raae’s talk

Engasjert Benedicte

If you want to become a little more boss in your own job, YOU need to decide what the next step is and take it today.

Engasjert Benedicte

As a woman you need to know your tech and show your knowledge with strength. To learn technology you need to ask the doers not the talkers.

Lattermild Benedicte

You need to become a personal friend of your developer. Your developer might see every new person as a potential enemy. When you finally become a friend in the eyes of your developer, that developer will «have your back» against the «enemies» for years and years.

Funny face Benedicte
«THAT cannot be done.»

Now you are best buddies with your developers. You still need to prepare well and talk firmly but humbly when you ask them to do something differently than they do today. If you show weakness they will still tell you «no» 10 out of 10 times.

How Are We Thinking, We Who Book Speakers to Our Events?

Sesilie Urkegjerde Halland shared her experiences from booking speakers to Webdagene and other conferences.


Practice, practice, practice! 🙂

–Christine A M Raybo @carayb on @sesilie’s talk

The recipe of the best public speakers = inspiration + actionable input! Useful tips from @sesilie on tonights #GGDO

–Marianne Granum @mariannemixi on @sesilie’s talk

Tips to be a good public speaker:
1. You must stand for something, and share it
2. Get a recommendation/have someone film you
3. We must be able to find you (bio/email etc)
4. You may get in touch with us and get in touch with us early
5. Follow up and answer promptly

–Astrid Valen-Utvik @AstridVU on @sesilie’s talk

How to Make Fresh Slides

Many Great Speakers Consider Great Slides a Must. Tuva Sverdstad Eikås from Netlife busted myths and shared her best tips. You find Tuva’s norwegian blogpost here and her fresh slides here.

How to Save Princesses, Blow Up the Death Star, Go to Mordor and Speak in Public

Engasjert Ida
Ida @virrvarr Jackson

Ida Jackson’s talk on how you conquer your fear of public speaking. Ida told her story where the fear stayed with her, but «the one idea I wanted to get into the brains of the audience is more important to me than the fear is scary. You need an important idea.

Engasjert Ida

It can be a small idea like, NOW we are going to use this font for our headlines and THIS font ONLY, but it must be important to you. The idea must be so important and solid to you that you can use it as a shield against your fear of public speaking.» Ida held her arm in front of her mimicking holding a shield. She stood there silent, with a determined look on her face.

Streng Ida

«Don´t keep talking about other things, focus on your one idea.»

Quote of the day at #girlgeekdinneroslo 🙂

People don´t have room in their brains for EVERYTHING you know.

–Hanne-Lene Dahlgren @HanneLene on Ida’s talk

Streng Ida

Do you want to speak as brilliantly as @virrvarr? Find your idea and wrap it in a story.

–Ine Mæland @inemae on Ida’s talk

Pack a Real Punch When You Steal the Stage

Liv og Ida holde hender

Liv Gullbrandsen’s talk was a firework of activities and shouting done by every last one of us in the audience. Learn to know your voice, face and body to pack a real punch when you are speaking. The super market freezing disk will never be the same for any of us.

Liv og Ida holder hender og prater tett

First you learn to speak publicly while you are scared, after a while your fear lessens.

–Ine T Gransæter @infame on Liv Gullbrandsen’s talk

What Steps Do You Take to Become the Best Wine Journalist in the World?


Ingvild @Tennfjord and her book «Skål!» at #ggdo

Tennfjord serving champagne

Write down your dreams and take a good look at what you have written.

If your dreams don´t make you blush, they are to small.

–Susanne Egset @SUSMUMRIK @Lillian_Vatnoy on Ingvild Tennfjord’s talk

Engaged Tennfjord

Become friends with your own fear. Own the fear. It works. It get´s you where you want to go. Good tip from @tennfjord to be used in any situation

–Ingvild K. Vederhus @ivederhus on Ingvild Tennfjord’s talk

Tennfjord smelling the champagne

Tennfjord tasting the champagne

Tennfjord sharing the champgne

Tennfjord tasting the events boxed wine

Tennfjord tasting the events boxed wine


If you want a photo of your own self taken down please e-mail me at ola @, I have a «respond within 48 hours» policy. To learn more about Girl Geek Dinners Oslo type #ggdo into twitter.

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