GUN for Google Universal aNalytics

Three guys are standing around the bench press machine at Fresh Fitness Carl Berner. Eirik and Allister usually get to hear Ola’s crazy ideas, this thursday morning is no exception.

Here is a drawing of my two training buddies and I.
Here is a drawing of Ola and his two training buddies Allister and Eirik.

– Yesterday I heard a talk by Audun about Google’s future analytics tool, Ola smiles.
– Ok, let’s hear it. Allister lays down on the bench.

– Let us say I go on the same website three times today with my iPhone, iPad and Macbook. Google Analytics might as well think it was the three of us who was there, Ola taps on his open palm like it was an iPhone. They both nod.
– In the future Google Universal Analytics will be able to know it was me and no one else. Furthermore I will be recognized in the real store if I buy some more. Ola smiles a little crazily.

– You guys should be more skeptical by now. Ola looks at Allister lifting weights and then to Eirik.
– Google will soon sedate the world and put a chip in everybody’s head to track our every move. Eirik’s eyes are large while he stares back at Ola.
– Audun, the guy who did the talk, actually tried the chip thing on his cat. He put a chip on the cat and a chip reader under the cat food. Google Analytics counted the cat eating twice. Later Audun realized the cat had slipped out of the collar and left the chip in the living room. Ola is scratching his neck as if he had a cat collar on.
– Yeah the cat was thinking «I am no dog.» Allister stands up from the bench.

Stuff to do next:
Check out Audun Rundberg’s slide on Slideshare by clicking here. A video will come later.
– Do you know of a cool cat picture I can use? I will make a drawing, so don’t worry about the copy rights. Paste the cat photo link in the comments field please.
– Read Lean Marketing and Lean Analytics If you want to learn more about actionable analytics the Lilly Way.

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