Lilly Town

We have a new project:
Lilly Town
– Parenting takes a village

Here are some notes I made into a drawing:

Our new project Lilly Town put into the five stages in Croll and Yoskovitz's book Lean Analytics.
We have a new project Lilly City – Parenting takes a village

As you can see we have made no decisions yet. The idea is now some incomprihensible drawings, but I assure you when we put some blood and bones on Lilly Town it is going to change parenting as we know it today for those who participate. Instead of trying to make sense of the drawing you should buy Lean Analytics and make sense of your own business.

Here is one more drawing from yesterdays unoficcial talk in the white sofa in the white house at Rodeløkka.

First steps
First steps

Buy and read this book. Do it now!

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