37 #lillygram letters printed in a real print shop

Tom Erik ready to fold #lillygram letters

Benedicte is relaxing over dinner at Øystein´s house when the bad news arrived. The food had barely made it to the table before a knock came on the window.
– Hey, something white is outside the window, Terese points to the window.
– That is One Great Gull, says Øystein.
– Seems to me that Gull wants to come inside, says Benedicte.
– I will let inn that bird in, Ola opens the window. The white gull stands on the window sill, looking at them with serious eyes. Sylfest Øystein´s Boston Terrier sniffs sniffs the air and then pads over to Øystein.
– Uncommonly large is it not? Says Øystein while lifting sylfest onto his lap.

Benedicte walks over and removes a white cylinder from the orange gull foot.
– There is a letter inside and it is for my team and me, says Benedicte. It says:
Dear Benedicte and other #lillygram team members. It is with profound sorrow I must announce that you will not be able to print #lillygram letters here in my ship this month.

I have left on a journey. As a matter of fact I am not certain when I will return. It has been a pleasure working with you all. I am grateful for the company and the work.
Sincerly yours
Little Lilly

– Wow! What do we do now? Says Ola.
– We find a professional print shop, says Benedicte. I think our satisfaction numbers show that #lillygram is ready now.

Benedicte uploading the #lillygram letters to the print shop server.

Tom Erik talking to the cat Smidig, while we are all leaving for the print shop. Click the photo and you may see a short video.

The front door of the print shop PJ-Trykk

The next day Benedicte and Ola takes a walk to PJ-trykk and meets Pål Johansen, the manager.

– How do you think your #lillygram letters look? asks Pål.
– Looking good, says Benedicte. Tom Erik and Ola are nodding and smiling.
– What machine did you use to print our stuff? says Ola.
– We used that Xerox machine, Pål points to a large machine inside glass walls.

Ola in front of Big Lilly, one of Pål´s printing machines.

#lillygram går fra trykkeri
Tom Erik and Benedicte on their way back with the #lillygram letters in the box.

Tom Erik is buying envelopes at the local post office.

Tom Erik folding a #lillygram letter and putting it in an envelope. Click the photo and you may see a short video.

We send the #lillygram letters out in the wide world from our local post office.

Ola celebrates by voting for the Green Party.

Benedicte and Marit celebrates with free wine at ixd meetup 😀

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