Benedicte travels to 2019 to test Google Universal Analytics

You might already know that Benedicte, Tom Erik, Ola and Marit enjoy learning from you how we may improve Lilly Sleep, #lillygram and Lilly Maps. Will for example your baby fall asleep faster if we increase the noise level in Lilly Sleep for iPad? Experiments like that are our favorite learning activity here at Lilly Headquarters. We need better measuring tools to give us more actionable metrics.

That is why Benedcite and Ola went to a talk on how Google Universal Analytics maybe will work in the future. Audun’s talk inspired Ola to write this Lilly Tale:

Is Benedicte in a café or on the iPad in 2019? Let us pretend Ola is the manager of Fuglen Café and vintage webshop in 2019. Benedicte is one of his customers. Will Ola be able to track Benedicte’s movements across iPad, Macbook and actual visits in Fuglen’s physical café?

Not back in 2013. In 2013 Benedicte will be seen by Google Analytics as three different users, one with an iPad, one with a macbook and one walking into the café. Because this blogposten is a Lilly Tale it allowes us to let Benedicte and Ola travel to 2019 where Google Universal Analytics works in this way:

Another Day at the Lilly Office

Benedicte is typing (1 of 1)

Benedicte is typing away at her keyboard in the living room of the little white house of rodeløkka.
– How about I buy a good old fashioned typewriter online, says Benedcite out loud to herself. She logs into the webshop of Fuglen.
– There you go! A red typerwriter with real typewriter sound, 1500 Norwegian Crowns might be a bit much though. Benedicte stands with iPad in hand to go get a coffee and think through this purchase. She puts on a red rain coat and walks out into the light rain.

An invigorating walk later she stands in front of the coffee counter of Fuglen Café.
– One double latte and a cinnamon roll please, Benedicte smiles back at the waitress and shows her membership card. The waitress types in Benedicte’s membership card number in the cash register.

Leaning back in an arm chair in a corner Benedicte wipes a few raindrops off the screen of her iPad. She has made up her mind to buy the red typewriter. She will buy it right now while taking small sips of her latte and nibbling to her cinnamon roll.

She logs into the vintage webshop of Fuglen. A few meters away, behind a wall covered by an oversized computer screen stands Ola hands clasped at the small of his back. Ola is watching the numbers i Google Universal Analytics intensely. Ola sees Benedicte is registered with a user name, a membership card number and a userID. Her track record shows she visited the webshop earlier today with her macbook looking at a red typewriter which she has now bought on an iPad after paying cash for a coffee and cinnamon roll in the downtown café.

Expo 2 Ola moahahahah foran storskjerm tegning

Ola rubs his hands slowly together and throws his head back in a deep laugther. The sound isolated office can not quite stop the maniacal laughter from reaching Benedicte’s ears. Benedicte cocks her head, then she takes a small nibble from her cinnamon bun and continues to brows the Fuglen vintage webshop.

Warning: This Lilly Tale does not represent Audun’s interpretation of the future functionality of Google Universal Analytics. You should take a look at Audun’s norwegian language slides by clicking here.

Neither does this Lilly Tale represent the way Fuglen is running it´s café or webshop. Click on the words café or webshop to get an impression of either.

Feel no fear for the future of Google Universal Analytics will not be this bad.

Ola recommends you read Lean Marketing and Lean Analytics If you want to learn more about using analytics actively to learn from your customers actions in product development or marketing in you work.

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