Your Web Site Should NOT Make Me Think

Redesigning your web site?

If I visit your web site I should GET IT right away. If I have to stop and think you deserve to get tasered.

Your Web Site, your most important user is a storm trooper
This is the thinking of your most important user. Don´t make her angry.

If You have room for only one rule in your helmet it should be «Don’t Make Me Think!» according to @skrug in his classic book about designing for web or apps.

I asked Benedicte: «If you can recommend only one book on web design, which would it be?» The answer she gave was «Don’t Make Me Think«.

So I read @skrugs book and it’s a good one! How do you know that your most important user don´t need to think when she is using what you have made? The only way to find out is monthly testing, according to Krug. Test early, test often and keep on testing. How do you convince your people to spend time and money on testing? Read the book, Steve has a chapter about handling the arguments of different groups within companies.

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