How Letnes Becomes World Famous On The North West Coast of Norway

Marit Letnes becomes world famous in her hometown Molde. Støwer is just happy.
Marit Letnes becomes world famous in her hometown Molde. Støwer is just happy.

Summer breakfast and coffee. Letnes, Vea and Raae are seated around a tiny table in a small boat house. Two doors are open to the summer sun. The clucking from the sailboats gliding by can be heard through the doors. All three of them are looking out on the shimmering of the sun on the blue sea. Letnes` iPhone  lights up with a white and blue e-mail symbol.

– Hey! The journalist just e-mailed me! The one who works in Romsdals Budstikke, the newspaper from back home. She wants to talk to me.

Letnes reads the e-mail out loud.

– Nice work, says Benedicte Raae who is the boss of Lilly Apps, smiling proudly at Letnes.

– The journalist would like to interview a grandmother living in Molde. You know, with photos of her pulling #lillygram letters out of her snail mail box, says Marit. Benedicte ponders a bit, then says:

– What the journalist is actually saying is that the BEST thing would be to have a case to interview, not that it was necessary. Just call that journalist and answer her questions. She wants to print a summer story. I´m sure it is good enough to interview you.

– Ok I´ll call her now.

Marit calls the journalist and is interviewed on the phone. While doing so she stalks around the boathouse like a tiger on the hunt.

– Yes. Yesss! That is what I am saying. Imagine if it was YOUR grandchildren, how happy would YOU be? Marit explains, laughs and then hangs up with a big smile.

– They are going to write a 2 two page story! There is no going back now, the journalist says we MUST have a case she can interview.

– What do you mean, «case», says Vea.

–The best thing for the local newspaper would be to interview a grandmother or a parent in their area, but since we don´t have that we must hand the journalist one of our customers. I will start calling them right away. I will call Karina, Cathrine and Superpapsen, Marit said.

After five minutes Letnes was in trouble. No one answers! Some of the phones had even been turned off. She had even called Magne – the husband of one of the customers and a friend of Vea. Magne’s phone was turned off. It is summer holidays in Norway and some people consider their time with the kids holy.

– Hey Raae, don’t you know Magne’s sister? Can you try to reach Magne by calling her? Please? Letnes’ voice is pleading.

– That might be a little much… Ok. I’ll make the call. Raae picks up her phone.

– Hi Mari! Sorry about bothering you, but I have tried to reach your brother… He is in the mountains without electricity you say. He and his wife will have turned off their phones to conserve batteries. Ok, I see.
– Darn it!
Letnes is NOT happy.
– What shall we do?
– It is time for lunch. Let’s talk about something else while we eat, Vea says.

The boat house by night. Photo take by Tom Long, Freelance Camera Operator from London.
The boathouse by night. Photo take by Tom Long, Freelance Camera Operator from London.

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  1. We did get a hold of Cathrine who said yes, and today Karina was back from her off the grid vacation and she also said yes!

    Next time we go for press coverage we have learned to have some cases ready before we contact newpapers.

  2. Here is the head line that was at the front page of Marit´s local newspaper back home in Molde:

    Granny gets Instagrams in the mailbox
    Marit Letnes´service «#Lillygram» will make it easier to share beautiful Instagram photos with grandma

    Nå får besta Instagram i posten
    Marit Letnes vil med tjenesten «Lillygram» gjøre det lettere å dele fine Instagrambilder med bestemor

  3. Here is the head line from a larger online publication that picked up on the story from the local paper.

    Granny without a smartphone might be up to date on Instagrams
    Do you know somebody who might have enjoyed your photos, but do not use Instagram?

    Nå kan også bestemor uten smarttelefon følge med på Instagram

    Kjenner du noen som ville hatt stor glede av bildene dine, men ikke er såpass teknologikyndig at de har Instagram?

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