#lillygram print day 2

– I just got the word that Little Lilly is in a bad mood today. Something about gulls, says Ola.

– Ok, how about we are a little nice to her then? Right? Says Benedicte

– Eh, ok. Says Ola
– There is a fair chance she will not print the #lillygram letters today, if you are not nice. I think we were a little lucky in july, we barely got her to do the print job then, Says Benedicte.
– Don´t look at me, says Ola
– I am looking at you. She doesn´t like you and it might be because you were snooty the first time you met her. You were snooty.
– Yeah, yeah yea.
Benedicte and Ola packs and leaves. Tom Erik and Marit meets them on the way.

Marit takes a photo of them on the go.

They stop smiling when they arrive in the harbour where Little Lilly lives in
The White Ship. A lot of gulls are circling and screaming around the rigging of The White Ship. They float i the water and swagger on deck.

– A 100 maybe a 120 gulls. I have never seen this many in one place, says Tom Erik.
– Their screams are very loud. You guys clean up all those shrimps, let´s hope that will make them leave, says Benedicte while climbing down the hatch to talk to Little Lilly.

Sultne måker
Hungry gulls

Tom Erik and Ola work together fishing pink shrimps out of the ocean, Marit picks shrimps up from the deck. Benedicte´s head comes back up from the hatch and she says:
– She is not going to do it. Little Lilly doesn´t want to print our #lillygram letters. She is soo angry right now.
– Maybe you can talk to her, says Marit
– No, I will help to remove the shrimps. Oh, the gulls are even louder now. I believe they dislike us removing their shrimps.
– No wonder Little Lilly is angry, she hates loud noise. Her hearing is sensitive, says Tom Erik.

They gather up all the shrimps, Tom Erik seals up a little plastic bag with three shrimps. In another little plastic bag he has two cigarette butts.
– What are you doing with the cigarette butts? Says Ola.
– I will check them for fingerprints when I get back home. They are both red Marlboros.

They climb down. Little Lilly IS angry. A low irritated growl is filling the cargo hold of the ship.
– I have not heard many sounds from Little Lilly up through the years, so I bet she is angry now. Says Benedicte while she climbs up on a chair to reach up to the little speaker with her ear. She listens in silence and then says:
– Little Lilly says «I havn´t felt this ridicolus and powerless in years. I could not scare the gulls away and I could not remove the shrimps. Arrgh! The gulls were laughing at me. I felt like a small robot clown. No, no like a gjøglerrobot and the gulls were swaggering around on my deck laughing.

Litle Lilly as a laughable little gjøglerrobot.

Benedicte stares at Ola to make sure he doesn´t say anything about fools or harlequins they will all regret for the rest of this hectic day.
– Most of the gulls are gone now. The best revenge is to create something valuable for somebody else. Can you imagine how happy the grandparents will be when they find photos of their grand children in the mail box. Says Benedicte with a firm voice.

– What is Litle Lilly answering to that? Asks Tom Erik.
– She says GRRR! Low and agressive. Says Benedicte.
– What do we do now? Says Marit

– I will try to find who put the shrimps for the gulls to eat. I have a clue, but first we need to print the #lillygram letters. Says Tom Erik,
– Litle Lilly asks what the clue is, says Benedicte.
– I have three cigarette butts I will check for finger prints when I come home.

– Litle Lilly says, it was a big guy with sun shades. He seemed like a foreigner, threathening and introvert. Says Benedicte.
– What country was he from? Says Tom Erik,
– Finland, she says. No explanation why. Says Benedicte.
– First of all we need to print the #lillygram letters says Marit with a smile. Impatient grandmothers are eagerly awaiting photos of their grandchildren.
– Litle Lilly says. Ok, if you really think these photos of kids are more important than finding that finnish scoundrel, then you will have to find more toner. She is low on two colors, black and magical magenta. Tom Erik and Ola can go to Thomas the machinist and pick up toner cassettes. Says Benedicte.

A yellow post it not comes out the print slot with the address of Thomas the machinist and the name of the toner cassettes. Tom Erik og Ola wanders off into the summer night, on their way to Thomas the machinist and his tower on a hill.

Here is Thomas the machinist with the black toner cassette.

Here is Thomas the machinist with the magical magenta toner cassette.

In The White Ship the printing is already going at full speed, when Tom Erik and Ola returns.

Benedicte inserts the magical magenta toner cassette on the side of Litle Lilly.

Marit har dekket bordet med en stor bolle med salat og masse små boller med mais, rød paprika, sukkererter, hummus, store bønner og tomater med løk. Rykende varme tacoskjell kommer på bordet. De fire spiser, mens Lille Lilly trykker i vei.

http://instagram.com/p/ctsjY3SDUV/ Tom Erik
Her skriver Tom Erik adresser på konvoluttene. Endelig!
– Ja folkens, da ser det ut som vi har grunn til å feire for andre gang på en måned.

Vi fikk til trykkingen!
– Lille Lilly minner om at Tom Erik har å finne den finnen, hvis ikke kan vi glemme å trykke #lillygrambilder fra august. Says Benedicte.

Benedicte med magisk magenta.

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