Is #lillygram the Opposite of Facebook?

Here is a drawing of my two training buddies and I.
Here is a drawing of my two training buddies and I.

The other day my training buddies and I were at the local gym. I told them about #lillygram:

We print and mail your photos to grandma´s fridge. All you do is write #lillygram in a comment on your Instagrams.

None of them have children by the way, but they both have siblings with children. The first reaction was:

«This is the opposite of Facebook. Because with Facebook you get all the people you have ever known through the door in one big bag. With #lillygram you have a handful chosen individuals who have been a part of your life for many years. They are seeing a few photos handpicked for them.»

I had not thought about it that way, but we are actually unlike Facebook in one more way. We want people to spend as little time on #lillygram as possible. While Facebook wants you to spend as much time as possible. We are trying to learn how to become a natural and uninterrupting part of the life of a busy parent. How can #lillygram steal even less time from the daily routine? Is the question we are asking ourselves every day.

We have one important thing in common with Facebook. Just like my two training buddies heard about #lillygram from me, you probably heard about Facebook from somebody you know. Do you remember who mentioned Facebook to you the first time? You do not have to write the name, but please share a few sentences about the person and situation where you first remember hearing about Facebook.

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  1. My good friend Eirik Axel who just came home from a year in the US! I got on and the only ones I knew were Eirik and another friend of his … not very exiting 😀

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