Two Mac apps I cannot live without

There are two Mac apps I have installed on my Mac I forget are not native apps. Whenever I borrow somebody elses Mac I keep forgetting my apps are not installed. And I get super annoyed when things do not work as I expect!!


I copy text after text and then Flycut lets me paste whichever of these texts I like. I love it!

Use Flycut with keyboard shortcuts or select from a list displayed in the menu.

Get Flycut for free at the AppStore.


With a simple keyboard shortcut I launch Alfred and let him know wich app I want to open.

Alfred can do a lot more for you, but I just need him to open the app I need!

Get Alfred for free at the AppStore.

These are my two lifesavers! Let me know in the comments if you install and fall in love as well 😀

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