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The four of them sits down smiling at each other as the blue tram glides towards downtown Oslo.

Benedicte enters the stage. "Paymill Thief of Time" says the screen behind her.
Benedicte enters the stage. «Paymill Thief of Time» says the screen behind her.

– Here. Benedicte hands out fistfuls of round buttons to Marit, Tom Erik and Ola. They all stick sharp needles into their skirts and shirts.
– These buttons are still warm… Tom Erik holds one up.
– Fresh off the press, Benedicte says.
– Ha! Mobile payment enthusiasts here we come! Ola smiles his crazy toothy smile.
– I say. Marit puts her nose in the air. These buttons make me look like a blend of a peace loving hippie and a punk playing base guitarist.
They all laugh.

Eat, drink and be merry! Johan welcomes them.
Eat, drink and be merry! Johan welcomes them.

At the door Johan Hallesby welcomes them warmly:
– Welcome! Eat drink and be merry.
Laughter wafts out. Entering the living room of Making Waves they see Øystein Garnes drininking a cold Carlsberg beer.
– Hey! Garnes!

They surround him and after hugs he says:
– Good to see you guys and looking so sharp with those shiny buttons.
Ola goes for the food. He takes red smoked meat from a long bar stacked with goodies. Ola sits down in the front row beside Garnes who nods approvingly at the stone age style heap of red meat on Ola´s platter.
-Yaargh! Ola whispers.

A hush comes over the crowd as Benedicte enters the stage with a large smile. Behind her the words «Paymill – Thief of Time» covers the screen. The audience nods in silence.
– Might as well call it PaperMill, huh?

– I have two points to make, send your registration forms to several payment services and send your forms soon. They all need the same painful paperwork, making a few extra copies of for example the founders passports will cost you next to no time. Don´t waste time waiting to get started, you can make up your mind which payment service to use while the paper mills are grinding their slow grind. Yeah! You in the back! Benedicte points at a raised arm.

– Do you like Paymill best or what?
– Our customers are happy with Paypal even though they have to click a few times extra, Benedcite smiles.

The audience groans.
– Only reason we are switching to Paymill is that us on the Lilly Team fancies one-click-payment. Tom Erik coded a one-click-solution in june. Benedicte points at Tom Erik who waves his green beer bottle and smiles.
– Tom Erik´s code was made for Paypal´s API. After sandbox testing his code he finds out the API only works in the United States of America.

Fists are shaking in the crowd and some get to their feet. A big guy shouts:
– Down with Paypal! Down with the Evil Empire!
– Easy, easy now. Paypal is not evil. Benedcite lowers her hands signalling calm. Then she swipes her hand in Tom Erik´s direction.
– We learned from it, and even with that mistake we made our tech stack in a few weeks, Tom Erik says. Click here to read my blogpost «How to Build Your Startup Technology Stack Real Fast Without Investing Any Money»

– Talking about blogposts, I have been asked to make an overview of the payment services that are available in Norway. Click here to read and comment.


– Thank you people. Remember to start your payment service paper mills first thing tomorrow, it is free to register. You do want to get paid on mobile right? Better to do a thing than to live with the fear of it.
Ey? Benedicte looks sternly over the rim of her glasses.


Anders of Mailmojo and Eliksir talked about his favorite payment service Braintree and their excellent customer service.

The other speakers were Amund about Bitcoin, Nicolai about Stripe and Jørgen about infrastructure of payments.
Ola walks over to the last speaker, Anders the CTO of Mailmojo and says:
– Good talk. Useful. Very hands on.
– Thank you good sir. Shiny buttons you have there by the way, say you don´t give them away by any chance? Says Anders.
– I have one here. Ola sticks a hand into his west pocket.
– Ah. Thank you. Thank you indeed, and with an open envelope, how very fitting, Anders sticks the green button on his white shirt, and turns to Benedicte who says:
– Your tidy presentation about Braintree might come in handy for us as I just heard Paypal bought Braintree.
– Really, Anders looks a little disappointed.
– I hope you will get the same good customer service you are getting now, Benedicte says looking concerned.
– I hope so to, says Anders.

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PAY for mobile payment services. Here embodied in the PAYdance performed by Benedicte, Johan and Anders.
PAY for mobile payment services. Here embodied in the PAYdance performed by Benedicte, Johan and Anders.


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