My favorite WordPress Themes Store

When starting to look for themes this is what will go through you mind:

OMG I have been looking at themes all day, where did the time go, I still don’t have a theme and OMG how do I know these are any good …

I will not go into any details about how to know if a theme is good or not in this post, but I will give you the link to my current favorite WordPress theme store:!

Why do I like their themes?

  • The themes are fresh and modern looking.
  • They have great documentation for getting started with each theme.
  • The code behind the scenes is well done.
  • Alle the themes are updated frequently.

I think you will find a theme that suits you.

Buying themes from will let you download a zip file you can upload to your selfhosted WordPress site.

If you have a WorPress blog/site on three of Array’s themes are available there as well.

Screenshots of Array's theme page.
Screenshot of Array’s theme page.

Do you have a favorite store? Please let me know in the comments!

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  1. Hey Benedicte, thanks for the very kind words and supporting us at Array. We really appreciate it and look forward to seeing what kinds of cool things you build!

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