My First #lillygram User Interview

I went to the offices of the father of a friend to make a user interview. I will call him Arnold for the sake of anonymity. Before the user interview we made some small talk. Arnold told me a little about how he started out working with technology back in the day.

Arnold asked me what I wanted to talk to him about. I said #lillygram. Then I put a #lillygram with colorful pictures of a smiling baby holding a a baby shovel on the glass table. Arnold picked it up and said:

“If these were photos of my granddaughter I would want to be able to answer this #lillygram.”

He contiuned speaking very rapidly. «I either want to:»

  • say, «Thank you»,
  • send back a picture of my own,
  • tell a story about something fun I have done,
  • or tell a story about the great experience of looking at the #lillygram photos.

Arnold went on to tell me how he and his wife got out of the house a lot doing stuff and taking photos of it. He could send those photos back to his grandchildren. I was writing furiously, almost unreadable words.

User Interview, Who-is-your-grand-daddy-2

Lessons Learned From This User Interview

  • Next User Interview I will bring Benedicte´s iZettle credit card reader and try to close the sale.
  • The baby boomer generation want to get photos of their grand kids. Maybe they are the most important customer group? Not the parents of the children as we now believe


  • What technology do YOU prefered when «talking» with YOUR parents?

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