Photos from «Brei Deg!» Girl Geek Dinner

As the only guy I was admitted at an evening where ladies of technology shared their own stories of bravery and skill. Victories mixed with teeth grinding defeats. «Brei Deg!» might be translated to «Stealing the Stage» or «Be a Bully». But not really. To understand «Brei Deg!» in a Scandinavian context I feel you need to spend some considerable quality time here.

I tip toed between little groups of very serious looking ladies in deep discussion to grab a large glass of red wine to steady my nerves. While I filled my glass the call came to get seated. I saw my boss who had invited me to take photos, she was sitting all the way in the front.

Standing up one at the time of the ladies presented themselves. The self presentation round was half way finished before I snook in front of the stage all bent over. I got some surprised glances and felt uncomfortable. Thankfully I was not asked to stand up and present myself. The program started and was supposed to cover a set of questions.


What does it take to become a little tougher on the job? How to make the leap to another job? Or how to start your own business? I start off with the talk of my boss:

How Do You Become The BOSS by Being Your Own Boss?

Benedicte Raae shared experiences of taking leadership of her own day-to-day life both as a founder of Lilly Apps and as a coder of apps for clients.

Benedicte @Raae
Benedicte @Raae

You need to become a personal friend of your developer. Most developers are a lot harder to make friends with than me. Your developer might see every new person as a potential enemy. If you become a friend to your developer, that developer will «have your back» against the «enemies» for years and years. @raae says.

Build a gang of cheer leaders and think about the worst possible thing that might happen if you take leadership.

–Nadia K Tokerud @nakrissimo on @raae’s talk

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