Lilly Sleep Illustration

We have had Lilly Noise, a white noise app to make your baby sleep, on the backburner for a while now. Not very lean and not good for moral.

Luckily after my good friend Terese helped with the illustrations (this one is for hairdryer if you could not guess) we are on our way again.

Read more about making the recordings for Lilly Noise with my friend Eirik in norwegian on the Lilly Apps blog.

4th of July

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Celebrating 4th of July in Sweden!

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Celebrating 4th of July in Sweden! Or Skaldjursfest gone international.

With two Americans, two Swedes, two half-Sweedes, a Brit and two Norwegians. The two Norwegians were from the Lilly Apps team. We felt we had deserved a break after the hard work the day before.